Buy Low Price Polar CS200 cad Cycling Heart Rate Monitor (B003RZ703U)

Buy lowest price Polar CS200 cad Cycling Heart Rate Monitor (B003RZ703U). This awesome Heart Rate Monitors is a perfect tool help you monitor your own health and maintaining your good health. Buy and save your Polar CS200 cad Cycling Heart Rate Monitor (B003RZ703U) today.

Image of Polar CS200 cad Cycling Heart Rate Monitor (B003RZ703U)

Polar CS200 cad Cycling Heart Rate Monitor (B003RZ703U)

Polar CS200 cad Cycling Heart Rate Monitor is a heart rate monitor product from Polar. This Polar CS200 cad Cycling Heart Rate Monitor will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time.Sometimes we say no to high-tech if it clutters what we appreciate as one of the simplest and most efficient machines known to man. But when high-tech became wireless, even the curmudgeons among us had to relent and see the light, or more appropriately some real scientific data. The Polar CS200 cad has all of the cycling-specific and heart rate functionality of the standard Polar CS200, with the addition of wireless cadence.Unique features of the CS200 cad include Polar’s OwnZone technology to determine your personal heart rate limits for a training session, minimum heart rate of total exercise, average heart rate per lap, compatibility with the Polar Cycling Coach web service, compatibility with Polar’s Sonic Link infrared download technology so you can analyze your ride on your PC, the ability to retain 7 ride files (the CS100 only allows 1), plus an upgrade to the supremely comfortable Polar WearLink 31 chest strap. You get a wireless speed sensor, a wireless cadence sensor, plus the ability to mount the system on either a handlebar or stem.

Product Features

  • Housing Material:
  • Altimeter:
  • Altimeter Max Height:
  • Route Elevation Profile:
  • Barometer:
  • Heart Rate Monitor:
  • Target Heart Rate Zone:
  • Training Program:
  • Fitness Test:
  • Chronograph:
  • Odometer:
  • Thermometer:
  • Digital Compass:
  • Declination Type:
  • Adjustable Declination:
  • Low Battery Indicator:
  • Computer Compatible:
  • Water-Resistant:
  • Backlight:
  • Alarms:
  • Alarm Type:
  • Battery Type:
  • Battery Life:
  • Face Size:
  • Strap Material:
  • Date Indicator:
  • Weekday Indicator:
  • Weight:
  • Recommended Use:
  • Manufacturer Warranty:

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