Buy Low Price Polar CS100B (B001J6XLD2)

Buy lowest price Polar CS100B (B001J6XLD2). This awesome Heart Rate Monitors is a perfect tool help you monitor your own health and maintaining your good health. Buy and save your Polar CS100B (B001J6XLD2) today.

Image of Polar CS100B (B001J6XLD2)

Polar CS100B (B001J6XLD2)

Polar CS100B is a heart rate monitor product from Polar. This Polar CS100B will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time.For fun or for victory. A cycling computer providing complete cycling data. For recreational riders and for those who want an affordable solution for their cycling training.The CS100b comes without a heart rate transmitter, in case you already have another POLAR product or if you just want a cycling computer without heart rate monitoring.The CS100b features the CS speed sensor, and with that comes the following attributes: * You can define settings up to two to three bikes in your training computer. When you start training, you can select the bike with the correct settings for that particular training session. * SpeedPointer feature tells you your speed within set speed limits. * Speed (km/h or mi/h) is measured with GPS, footpod, stride sensor or cycling speed sensor. * By activating Autostart/autostop feature, the cycling computer starts and stops training recording automatically when you start or stop pedaling. * Distance (km, mi) can be set and measured in several ways. Training distance tells you the distance traveled during a training session. Trip distance tells you the distance from the latest trip reset. Lap distance tells you the distance of one lap. Total distance is the distance accumulated since the last reset. Odometer tells you the cumulative distance which you cannot reset.Key Features: * Polar OwnCal calculates the number of kilocalories expended during training. This feature allows you to follow the kilocalories expended during one training session and cumulative kilocalories expended during several training sessions. * Polar OwnCode – Coded heart rate transmission automatically locks in a code to transmit your heart rate to the training computer. The training computer picks up your heart rate from your transmitter only. Coding prevents interference from other training computers. * Polar OwnZone determines your personal heart rate limits for a traini Click here for more details

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