Axiom Zone Heart Rate Monitor (B0080PUSX6)

Image of Axiom Zone Heart Rate Monitor (B0080PUSX6)

Axiom Zone Heart Rate Monitor (B0080PUSX6)

Axiom Zone Heart Rate Monitor is a heart rate monitor product from AXIOM. This Axiom Zone Heart Rate Monitor will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time.Axiom Zone Heart Rate Monitor. Built with an athlete’s needs in mind, the Axiom Zone is a full-featured heart rate monitor with a sleek silhouette and a simple interface that’s easy to use. The chest strap wirelessly transmits your heart rate data to the watch for continuous monitoring of your workout. Visual and audible alarms help you stay in your target heart rate zone to make the most efficient use of your training time. Use the recorded data from up to nine workout sessions to analyze your performance and track your progress toward your personal fitness goals. Click here for more details

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